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    XV Bianca Gudino
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    Jessica and Eduardo
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    Melissa and Armando
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    Giselle and Ray
  • Wedding Sunset
    Wedding Sunset Palm Valley Country Club Palm Desert California
  • Bridesmaids Fun Time!
    Beautiful Outside Wedding in Palm Desert California
  • To Have and to Hold
    Beautiful Outside Wedding in Palm Desert California
  • The First Kiss
    Beautiful Outside Wedding in Palm Desert California
  • Out side Ceremony
    Beautiful Outside Wedding in Palm Desert California

One of the Best Photography Studios in the Coachella & Palm Springs Valley

Alonso's 2016 B&W

Alonso’s Photography started in 2001 as a home for all the photographic needs of clients. Over the years, the organization has innovatively evolved into a one-stop-shop for education, inspiration, and a hub for wedding photography, videography, and many other photographing services offered to clients from all walks of life. It has grown to become a favourite in the industry. It has also become good at what it does best: photographing Weddings and Quinceañeras.

Services offered.

Alonso’s photography offers a myriad of top-notch photography services including videography, wedding photography and selling of wedding invitation cards. We deliver the best, creative, and natural style of photography to our clients. We also offer very personal but professional photography services combined with the finest and most modern albums you can find on the market.

We have experience in Photographing and Documenting Weddings, Quinceañeras, and other events in some of the finest locations here in the Coachella Valley and Palm Springs area. Our services also include the delivery of wedding invitation cards to make sure that they get to the right people at the right time. With our experience in Photography combined with the many years of working for clients in the field, we promise to give you nothing but the best.

At Alonso’s, the customer’s choice is always at the forefront of our decision. As such, we give the customer the chance to choose the size and nature of the photography they want. We provide the best in Our: Super, Regular and Basic photo and video packages as well as standard Video services to our clients.

We have been in the industry for many years, we have the knowledge and the experience and that is why we know that we are good at what we do. We give you advice on the best kind of photography that is suited for whatever occasion you are organizing.

We also educate people who want to become Photographers and usher them into the new world of photography services. Providing classes and working one to one to ensure that our students can fully understand the basics in photography.