Melanie XV Short Film recorded on 1/19/2019

For pricing visit us at our office or call 760-702-8099

Beautiful Short Wedding Film recorded with 2 Canon DSLR, One slider, one Ronin Stabilizer, and one tripod.

For pricing visit us at our office or call 760-702-8099

See how we capture the most exquisite images on your wedding day, from planing to shooting your event, always with professionalism, quality and ethics.

Yes!!! we also do Video recording of your Special Day

Your Party, Your Efforts, Your Memories. All recorded in video for generation to come.

Videography Package for Weddings or Quinceañeras

Standard Video Package SD 2 DVD Videos 2 hours long Edited w/music, baby pictures, titles and 3D animations. We attend: Home, Ceremony, Park and Reception till 10:00 pm. Max 7 hours

  • 4 Edited Standard Definition Videos on DVD (720x480)
  • Your Musical Choice
  • Highlights Video Recap (4 to 6 minutes)
  • Full Color DVD Cases Included
  • Baby thru Engagement Picture Insertion. (max 25)
  • FREE Vimeo custom link with rights to download HD 720x1280

Video Upgrades:

  • Upgrade to Two HD Cameras and Deluxe Edition….$350.00
  • Upgrade to Vimeo Upload with custom link and Rights to Download $150.00

Something Different for you… Our Cinematic Short Film.

We have a NEW service for your next BIG day, our Cinematic Short Film Video for Wedding or Quinceañeras, prices start at $950.00 SEE IN WHICH WAY WE CAN CAPTURE YOUR LOVELY DAY. more info contact us at 760-702-8099

Five reasons why most “Photographer” don’t want to be involved in doing your Video.

  • don’t have the equipment
  • don’t have an associate / partner who will be available 100% to video record your special day.
  • don’t have the hardware /software to handle the heavy task of HD
  • don’t know almost anything about video, shooting, editing, compression and delivery
  • don’t want to get complicated, most of them just want to photograph your wedding and if posible just give you a CD with your unedited photographs. “easy money”

But we can do your video! and we will love to do it!

  • 20 years video experience working events since we used to record into VHS
  • In House video editing suite with lates hardware and software, (MAC and Adobe Premiere)
  • 3 HD Sony video cameras with professional microphones and lighting.
  • We can deliver your video in different media like; DVD – Blu-ray – USB – HDD we can also upload HD video to Vimeo Pro*
  • Associates / partners who will love to shoot your wedding and make it memorable.

Call us to make and appointment and see if we are a good fit to you and your special day!

We Can Upload Your Full Wedding or XV Video to our Pro Account on Vimeo!

For a Razonable fee we can upload your recent event video to Vimeo Pro, please call us for details, ***NOTE***”Only Recent Videos”
5 Basic Advantages:

  • Your Family can see your video anywhere.
  • HD quality
  • Password Protected or custom link
  • Never Expire
  • HD Download Available

How short film are done?

  • 100% recorded with Digital DSLR (Photographic Cameras)
  • HD quality 720x1080
  • Edited with Filters and recorded in 24F
  • We Use a Stabilizer, Slider and Tripod
  • 2 Cameras for multi coverage
  • Final Short Film about 15 to 30 minutes